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Established in 1999, Medifine Company is a family owned limited liability company registered under number 92484 in Egypt. Medifine Company works in the field of business development and marketing for the Spa wellness, hospitality, hotel spas, cosmetics companies, and healthcare industry in Egypt.

We assist companies and stakeholders in determining the best path to commercialization and success per projects, by agency agreements, partnerships and by distributor contracts.

We deliver turnkey solutions for spa and healthcare developments across Egypt, providing international expertise and state-of the-art services to spas and healthcare that consistently evolve the standards of the industry.

Medifine Company is the proud sole agent and official distributor of the French marine cosmetic spa company Phytomer France, Fleur’s France, the Canadian company Noel Asmar Spa accessories, equipment & uniforms, and have created & own an Egyptian Essential Oil brand called Mystic Amber ©  in the Egyptian market and exporting it worldwide.  

Medifine Consists of a team who are an integrated diverse group of professionals and consultants who have occupied leading positions in businesses, and have run their own companies, and who have a wide area of expertise in different business areas; marketing, business development, training, advertising, spa and healthcare management & operations, business development, retail, cosmetics, consultancy, management, finance, capital budgeting, accounting, and PR.

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