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Names That Mean Quality



From the sea to the skin

Medifine company is the Sole Agent & Distributor of Phytomer in Egypt. Phytomer is recognized by professionals worldwide as an undisputed leader of marine-based beauty therapy. Currently, Phytomer products are available in over 75 countries worldwide. As a leader in the aesthetics field for more than twenty years, Phytomer has adopted strict standards for their products' quality and effectiveness. Phytomer's beauty universe is based on the harmony between nature and the sea—its diversity and its riches.
This unique approach, the origin of the Phytomer beauty philosophy, enables the marine brand to offer each individual. With its original treatment collections comprised of the best active ingredients produced by research on similarities between the skin and the sea, Phytomer skin care products can help enhance your natural beauty. Create healthier, more beautiful skin with Phytomer's exceptional, marine-based products.



Healing through the senses ™

1st  luxury  Egyptian Aromatherapy brand fully created & owned by Medifine Company. A healing gift of pure essentials oils to restore and replenish your mind, body and soul.



Made For the Way You Move™

Medifine company  is the sole agent in Egypt  of this privately held corporation focused on premium niche markets within the Spa & Wellness industry and the Equestrian Sport. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2002, the Noel Asmar Group (NAG) has expanded into multiple divisions including: Asmar Equestrian, Noel Asmar Uniforms, and Pedicure Bowls. With a focus on clever, purpose-driven design, Noel and her team work to innovate and deliver quality products & services that elevate the performance & lifestyle of our clients worldwide.



spa & wellness educators

Medifine spa therapy courses give students the tools and necessary knowledge to serve their customers well such as massage, physiology, skin care or stress reduction.  Our therapy courses are designed with both theory lessons and real-life work experience of the lecturers. Our students receive a solid understanding of basic spa therapy and applicable skills and knowledge, which allows them to find jobs with greater ease.



Your Doorway to be healthy

Medifine Company is the proud owner of Jay's Spa and manages and operates spas across Egypt, namely SENEB SPA on the Historia Nile Cruise Boat in Luxor & Aswan. We are also partners to over 35 hotels spas across Egypt.

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